SD-WAN Providers

There are many SD-WAN providers out there, it is up to you which you feel you should go with, here’s a list of the larger ones.


logoProvides an SD-WAN service that supports dynamic, hybrid WAN, not to mention centralized services making it somewhat more standalone. It also has the ability to improve cloud-based application performance with a dynamic security perimeter. With CloudGenix ION technology this service has the ability to unify networking with policy-based language.

Among SD-WAN Providers are world-renown companies and leaders in SD-WAN technology. They are the first to provide all three elements needed to achieve a cloud-delivered SD-WAN: cloud networking, virtualized services, and enterprise-grade Internet. SD-WAN providers certainly make good on their promises on being software-defined and being fully functional in a virtual environment. What makes it so special is that it is purely optimized for providing a virtual edge network for those large businesses with branched offices but it can also be for smaller-medium sized businesses, it is incredibly versatile. SD-WAN is a responsive solution for network virtualization utilizing advanced network automation.


Cisco uses a WAN they call an intelligent WAN (IWAN) was implemented so that customers to Use WAN over any kind of preferred medium or platform they are utilizing like cell internet, like 4G, regular net connections, and reserved MPLS networks. This results in connections that have the performance of a LAN equivalent over that WAN. Very innovative in their design, and perhaps the most ideal. Cisco is leading the world in SD-WAN automation.

Cisco IWAN

Silver Peak Unity

Unity is another software-defined WAN, and it does exactly what the names say, it unifies an entire network with the internet and public cloud. What makes Silver Peak so special is its ability to correlate information about cloud services and internet states to route network traffic securely wherever it needs to go. This means that it can actually control and govern connectivity all while keeping consistency high with SaaS performance

Glue Networks

Glue Networks has an SD-WAN service bundled with Cisco’s technology but has some perks to its name. It’s software that literally takes care of everything. It is a very standalone product for SD-WAN technology, perhaps one of the most self-sustaining. It can take care of all of the steps including zero-touch provisioning, policy managing, real-time management of the infrastructure. It can also can configure and manage itself. Definitely one of the best options to consider.