Necessity of WAN Innovations

Is there a need for further WAN innovations? 

The world of WAN Innovations can be a tricky thing. Some latch onto this technology and really enjoy using it. While others tend to want something more simple. So when someone asks me this question, I always say it’s based on the individual person.


The thrifty spender

There are some in the world of technology that already have a stretched budget. These people don’t have the money or time to invest in furthering a technology that already have trouble understanding.

There are elements the cloud and the WAN control that people can already do themselves. When you leave it up to this technology, sometimes you are leaving your fate in your own hands.

If you handle some of the internal aspects on your own, it can be controlled more in your own environment. So why would you want to spend more money on something that you might not have full control of?

The above bold typed section is the exact argument you will hear from these people. When you give up the control to someone else’s formatting, you might not have the same say in what happens. It’s this type of complexity and uncertainty that scares people off. Some prefer to just conduct their technology needs at a very minimal level. It’s these people who can’t afford to spend that extra dollar on something that may or may not pass. These people also don’t have the money to handle all the possibilities that might arise with a security breach.

The bigger fish in a much bigger pond

This is the other side of the coin. These are the people who have all the money to waste in the world. These people can afford to take a chance on some new technology brand from WAN Innovations, even if it doesn’t work out.

These people are usually involved with much bigger corporations. If something happens with their security, they have the money to clean it up right away and move on. See what I mean? It’s an entirely different way of thinking.

wan innovation


When it comes to WAN Innovationsit comes down to just one thing. Which category do you fall under? One doesn’t automatically make the other bad. It just depends on your resources you already have in place.

WAN Innovations can provide a great technological backing for your company of business. If you don’t have the resources to back up what this technology has to offer, than furthering the innovations might not be in your game plan.

My advice is to look at what your company has in the resource department. If you can afford to take a look at some of the newer advancements, than do so. Pick and choose wisely though. This way you won’t be out too much money, if something doesn’t work out for you.

WAN Innovations are a wonderful thing to have in your arsenal, and new technologies are coming out every year. Just do the research and find the right fit for you. The rest will take care of itself.